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Kara C.

We had to make the hard decision of removing some activities in our marketing department. We decided to try adopting a contractor model and so far I have been extremely pleased. We aren’t waisting time trying to find things to keep full time employees “occupied”. Tony only helps us on projects when necessary. Saves us money and keeps us flexible.


Eric S.

We spent 5 years with an agency and I was simply tired of how much money I was spending with very little return. I decided to give Assemble a shot, and the first project was great. Josh was my project manager and he really knew his stuff. High quality work, quick turnaround and overall very easy to work with. We decided to keep him on as projects come up and we couldn’t be happier with the relationship.

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✓ Hourly ✓ Part-time ✓ Full-time ✓ Projects