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We’ve created a Pilot Project for talent who want to join us on a mission to build a smarter way to work and improve the quality of people's lives.

Use the skills you’re passionate about - less of the stuff you hate, more of the work you love. Our platform takes the hassles out of freelancing – no more prospecting, selling, scoping and quoting, or collecting.

Work on what you want, where you want, when you want.

But, since you landed here, you probably already knew all that... so, let’s get started.

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We find and scope the work.
You choose what to work on.

Clear Direction

Work with Experts that are driven to create solutions quickly.

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No need to send an invoice.
Payments are sent directly to you.


We want work to be fun.
Create friendships while you work.
Project Managers

Project managers match teams for complex projects and manage their work, budget, and timeline.


Choose work assignments that match your qualifications and deliver tailored results to our customers.

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Everyone is welcome to apply to Assemble. Apply today and you may soon be working on what you want, when you want, from where you want.

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We will reach out to you. We want to learn about your skills, interests and availability. Our goal will be to offer you work that is a good match.

Choose work

Work will be offered to you that matches your qualifications when it becomes available. Choose the work you want, when you want.

Meet Our Community

Stay-at-home dads and moms. Students and back-to-schoolers. Veterans and retirees. Nomads and moonlighters. Side-hustlers and cafe surfers.

If my kids need me at any point I can be there for them without having to find someone or talk to my manager to get approval to leave. I get to do what I love without missing any moments in my family life.

Rachel S.

I have a normal 9-5 but I really wanted some extra money for my hobbies. I love mountain biking, hiking, and just being outdoors. Assemble gives me the extra cash without taking up a lot of my time.

Daniel R.
Project Manager

I didn’t want to have to move for work. I love the city I live in, and all of my friends are here. With Assemble I don’t have to move to find work, it comes right to me!

Shawn M.


How do I apply?

Fill out and submit either the Expert or Project Manager form. We will reach out to schedule an interview.

How do I choose work?

When work becomes available, the assigned project manager will send out offers to Experts for specific work assignments.  Select the work that matches your approved skills.  If chosen, your project manager will contact you via email to discuss the work assignment.

How do I get paid?

Assemble will collect your payment information when you fill out your profile.  Within 10 business days of the customer approving the deliverables related to your work assignment, we send the agreed upon payment direct to your account.

What is an Expert?

An Expert is an individual that is skilled in one or more of our work categories.  Experts perform specific tasks related to work assignments. Experts work with their project manager and other team members to complete their deliverables.  Typically, no customer communication is required.

What is a project manager?

Our project managers are qualified team leaders who are selected for their management skills and domain expertise.  The project manager on the project will work directly with the team and customer to make sure the work is done quickly, efficiently and to your satisfaction.  They select and direct their team of Experts, and manage the project tasks, budget and timeline.

Does Assemble work internationally?

Yes, we work with customers and Experts who reside in the U.S. and other countries.


Join the Assemble Community