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When you schedule a call with our team, we listen and ask questions to understand your needs – the more details, the better. Our team gathers all the information we need to match you with expert flexible talent. No more posting jobs on LinkedIn, hiring on unvetted marketplaces, or asking for referrals. All our flexible talent is vetted, matched, and guaranteed on demand.

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Your Customer Success Manager will work with you to hand-match vetted talent from our Expert Talent Network – most customers receive a talent match within 10 days. Once you approve your matched talent, they begin tracking their time on our platform.

We guarantee all our flexible talent

If you're not happy at any time, for any reason, we will match you with new talent.


Are there any upfront recruiting or contract fees?

There are no upfront fees. Once we provide you with a quote, we require an initial deposit to start the matching process and begin working with your new talent.

What is your talent guarantee?

We guarantee all of our talent. If at any time customers are unhappy with their talent, the Customer Success Team will work to make things right and replace the contractor at no additional cost to the customer.

What happens if I’m not satisfied with my talent?

While we rigorously screen all applicants to ensure we have the top 3% of talent, we understand that not every contractor will be a perfect fit. For this reason, we guarantee all our talent. If at any time customers are unhappy with their talent, the Customer Success Team will work to make things right and replace the talent at no additional cost to the customer.

How is Assemble different?

Many organizations are faced with the issue of finding reliable contractors and other in-demand talent. At Assemble, we use advanced technologies and a rigorous vetting process to match top talent. Typically, in almost all cases, we can match talent within 1-3 days, and 90% of our customers hire the first contractor we introduce.

We thoroughly vet every applicant to ensure we only match the top 3% of talent with customers. You’ll work with top business, marketing, sales, design, finance, and technology talent on demand.

How do you vet your talent?

Our vetting process allows us to guarantee our talent. All applicants are required to undergo an extensive screening process that measures emotional intelligence, domain expertise, industry experience, and professional skills. To ensure every contractor meets our standards, the process typically takes 2-5 weeks.

Where is your talent located?

Currently, we have talent in over 100 countries, most being located in the US.

Can I bring Assemble talent on-site?

If this is a requirement, we can work with you to coordinate relocating talent or a team to your location for a specified period of time.

If there isn’t talent currently available to fulfill the requirements of my work request, how long should I expect to wait for the right talent?

It typically takes 1-3 weeks to match the perfect talent for your job. We understand your immediate needs, but our focus is on quality. At Assemble, even if we feel we have the right talent, we will not match them until we are 100% confident in their ability to deliver. Assemble’s vetting process is the most important reason we can guarantee our talent and have one of the largest vetted networks of the top talent in the world.

What happens if my talent is unavailable for the days or times they are scheduled to work with me?

We will go the extra mile to make sure this doesn’t happen. At Assemble, we completely understand dependability is a top priority. We take measures to ensure that availability and reliability is a top priority for our talent. However, in the unlikely circumstance that such a situation arises, we will match new talent and credit you the time.

Can I hire a full-time worker from Assemble and bring him/her into our company?

For the most part, yes. We will work with you to fully understand your specific requirements so that we can establish a mutually beneficial arrangement.

Do you offer vetting and testing to help us hire contractors outside of the Assemble network?

This is not something we offer at this time, but we do plan to offer this in the future.

Who owns the legal rights to the work created by Assemble talent?

The customer. Assemble’s focus is on providing world-class talent to the customers who want to work with them – not intellectual property. Our contracts provide that all work created by our contractors is the property of the customer, not Assemble or the talent.

How do we ensure that our IP is protected?

Assemble enters into work agreements with every member of our talent network. Through these agreements, Assemble obtains exclusive ownership of the work created by the Assemble talent that works with you. We then provide you with the intellectual property for the work that the Assemble talent creates for you under our client agreement. This clean, simple, pass-through arrangement has worked well for our customers for many years. However, if you would like our talent to enter into a direct agreement with you to effect the direct transfer of IP property, we can work with you to ensure that your needs are met.

How much does Assemble cost?

Because we have talent all over the world, pricing can vary across several factors. We will work with you to find the right price point for your work request. Typically, engagement pricing falls between $30-$250/hr depending on domain, industry, experience, and customer expectations.

How often will I be charged? How are payments and invoices handled?

We typically invoice our clients twice a month, though there is some flexibility here. Invoices are due upon receipt.

What methods of payment do you accept?

We currently accept all major credit cards, ACH, bank wires, and PayPal.

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